Periods. PERIOD.

A visit from the painters. Shark Week. Surfing the crimson wave. That time of the month. We’ve got all kinds of fun ways to talk about periods without talking about periods. Menstruation, best known as a woman’s monthly “period”, is the time within an on-average 29 day rotation when an unfertilized uterus sheds its lining, … More Periods. PERIOD.

Breaking News: 20-Something Former Virgin Lives to Tell Tale

I had sex for the very first time at the age of twenty-four. No, you read that correctly – that’s a 2-4, not 1-4. You must be wondering how that’s even possible. You probably didn’t even realize there were any living virgins above the age of twenty, except for Mary Magdalene. I bet you’re wondering … More Breaking News: 20-Something Former Virgin Lives to Tell Tale

Wendy and Me

We have had quite a year. Having been together for decades, this year was the one that most challenged us – collectively and separately. Around this time last year, in the midst of an impending big life change, it became clear that there was something not quite right about us. Things that should have been … More Wendy and Me